Off the big road

by Pyrrhura

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Huge mass of people
will change the world a little
the world that's not really
in their hands
But the light's still shining
The world, this world's dying
There is a fence

Only the true Kingdom
can solve the dominion
So I chose to belong
to the King
One old book states that
And I believe that
Well, the prophecy is told
And it cannot be folded...


released 22 March 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Clouds of thoughts
Back in these scattered flashes of memories,
see the stars and tall trees,
see that now in my mind...
Back into my life filled with clouds of thoughts -
always driving back and forth,
trying to work things out...
Oh, how beautiful the future is,
you will see...

Still waiting, still waiting for summertime,
still waiting for summer long,
still waiting to see.
Still waiting, still waiting for wonderland
where the big river will rush into the sea...

Trying to do what is worthy.
Just trying to fight for the truth.
Gotta be resolute, I want, I do.
Just trying to fight for what is worth.
Back in these scattered flashes of memories,
see the stars and tall trees,
waiting for wonderland to come!
Track Name: Waiting room
In the waiting room
there are so many things that I don't need
and they're offering me more:

it was written on the box
that I found lying against my door

I see
our reflection in a mirror
as we slowly pass
It was night
And the moon was high
I wondered: "Where the bird flies"?

We're waiting
In this land of
broken glass

Over horison
Over the land
Morning sun shines

It'll be soon, soon
the noon, noon
Track Name: Spring is coming
Birds started to tweet,
morning are still cold
and the grass –
blue sky repaired
grey climb...

Please get well soon so we can
take it again.
Now when I walk
I'm full of these days.
Please get well soon so we can stray again.
I wish that we'd kick up
the engine again,
I really hope this
treatment will help...
Now when I walk...

Winter is leaving for spring to come,
I want to sit by the fire,
wanna stay up all the night long
Just want to own the sight
of the setting sun
but I'd offer it for free so
everyone could enjoy it (for everyone)...
Look at the sky as the early birds fly!
Now is the time!
Track Name: Matthew 15:6
Have you ever heard that the light is shining?
Have you ever heard that the earth will shake...?
Have you ever heard that we are mortal?
Have you ever heard that now is decision time, now it's all your decision?
What will you answer?

Soon it will be over and gone
The process's already begun
Step out of the Great Babylon
Where to go?

The wars, the lies, the traditions
that are set above our instructions
they all lie in the hands of the whore

Pay some attention
pay some attention
make a deduction...
Track Name: It all has been written
This is climbing the highest walls
to get into this 24 Volts.
This is climbing the highest roof
to get the proof
That will cause my mind's knowing,
that will cause all the snowing
That will prove things I'm doing,
that will cause the knowledge, it's going...

I found that long time ago
and it was growing like a seed
And I'm still letting it grow
to let all the grime bleed
I highly recommend you learn facts 'bout the end
Pull out your head from the sand and discover the land
In deep woods there is a brook
and it's becoming an ocean
Read, read that book
and then make the motion
Discover the facts, get, get pickaxes
and into the caves of others,
you'll see that's all that matters...

When you're down you'll see nothing,
when you're up you'll see a lot,
that will cause you to find what you need to find,
that will cause you to find the meaning of...

And you're trying and you're asking me how...
It all has been written, long time ago...
All the important answers.
So I immersed...
Track Name: Lake
This rainy night's creeping around
while I'm listening to the radio
Gazing out the window
and slowly thinking 'bout Orion
Where are you now? Where are you now?
Clouds messed up your sight
in this foggy night
The lie's keeping on scaring me
I think I'll stay near the window line
This world's disgusting me and I'm lost in thoughts of mine...

Just sitting on my bed and listening to the time
as it's passing
Thinking about Noah, thinking about Moses
and the crossing
About them all, thinking 'bout them all.
TV isn't true and what we eat is not either
Wondering 'bout the time when it all will be better
The only thing this world is doing –
it's making me sadder
Once it'll be better, much better

Sitting by the lake
and the surface is shining
And this is the area
where the people in past times were mining
Half awake, we're sitting by the lake
Listening to sounds of guitars
and the crickets are like neverending rhythm,
when the car is passing around,
oh, the lights, you gotta see 'em!
Dressing the coat, this lake's off the big road...
Track Name: I will keep it
Everybody started to think
that I should change
Everybody started to think
the same or it seems so
Everybody started to
shout it out!

Everybody needs to know
that I won't let it go
You should just read it
just to think about it
oh, you should know the rules
then you will know...

that I will keep it
I will keep it
I will keep on ...
I will keep it!
Track Name: Autumn took all the leaves (starting to think)
„Trees are naked again,
leaves under remained,
the year is turning again.
Every now and then
a fog creeps on the land,
the year is turning again...

What is the meaning of the 70 years?
What means the dirt to the ground returned?
And if some change won't come,
it'll take us one by one...

"This world's good" you said
and I know you were lying,
when every year
I'm just watching people dying.
We're just standing in line,
we're taken one by one
till it is all over and done...

What is the meaning, poor 70 years?
What wisdom can come from dirt that's gonna be returned?
Is this all really 'bout living the trial?
How can you be happy, how can you be smilin'?“

(Oh, is this really about living in a trial without having any chance to get the full version? I mean, what is the world about, what's the meaning of the earth? I think we are supposed to live here. I mean, really to live here. Should the first person here on this planet die? Just think about it.)

So, know the truth and that will set you free.
You will know all 'bout the fee.
Read it whole and you're gonna see
the fact that will set you free...

„The year is turning again...
All the crying in the land...
The year is turning again...
Think about it, use your brain...
Every house was built by a man...
Decide for you what's important...
Just think about it with brain...
Next year is coming again... Again...
Track Name: bring the winter back (realized)
Trees are naked again /
So let the winter come
Leaves under remained /
And it's really nice
Every now and then /
When the snowmen rise
The year is turning again /
And when the snowflakes fall

The year will turn forever on and on
Don't let the winter come into the mind of yours
Keep the boat's oars, keep them tightly
Don't let the night fall and turn the light on
Turn the light on

And surely there can be minor chords in the life of yours
Come on, cry, make a song, shout it out but always move
towards hope...
Because there is hope.

There is a way!...
Everything that hath breath, every breathing thing: